Loudoun County is committed to ensuring that Envision Loudoun is an open, inclusive, and transparent process. To that end, presentations, public input reports, technical reports, and other documents created throughout the process will be available here for download. Historical planning documents can be found on the County’s website at

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Envision Loudoun process, the Planning Team have been collecting questions and providing answers in the FAQ document available above.

The first round of engagement wrapped up January of 2017. More than 1,900 people contributed just over 4,500 unique ideas about the future of Loudoun County. These have been captured in a master database, and summarized in an input summary report. Both are now available online. Click on the links below to download the report summary, the full report (including the appendix), a full database of comments (in Excell or PDF form), or select from the eight major topic areas used to theme the thousands of ideas.

Engagement Round 1 Summary

Full Comment Database Sorted by Major Topic Areas

This Foundations Report is the first product of the new Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan process – Envision Loudoun – that began in the spring of 2016 with the initiation and endorsement of the Plan Charter. It provides an overview of the fundamental planning influences of critical importance to this long-range planning effort, and presents a foundation for understanding the role of the Comprehensive Plan as well as conditions, trends, and current policies that impact Loudoun County.


The following are additional pieces of input or content generated through the planning process

The Ideas Map

During each of the Listening & Learning workshops and through the online tool, participants were encouraged to add a yellow sticker to a county map if their idea related to a specific place. To see all these ideas, and read the comments, click on the map above.

The Live / Work Map

During each of the Listening & Learning workshops and through the online tool, participants were asked to add a blue dot indicating where they live and red dot where they work. Click the map below for the full accumulation through round 1.

Stakeholder Committee Meeting Documents

Want to learn more about what the Stakeholder Committee is up to? Click the link above and check out their meeting documents.