The Envision the Future Workshop Input Database

Based on the direction of the Plan Charter, the Planning Team, County Staff and Stakeholder Committee launched the second phase of the community engagement in June of 2017. The Envision the Future workshops were hosted both in-person and online through this website. Over 800 people participated over the course of six weeks, sharing more than 3,700 unique ideas. Review the Envision the Future Summary Report for details about the process and findings. The Stakeholder Committee is considering all input and greatly values thousands of comments received so far.

This page includes public feedback on the draft Vision, Goals, and Objectives; specific feedback about various desires for future development, if any, in several geographic areas of the County; and transportation needs and preferences countywide.

Staff is using the public input captured during this process to shape ongoing discussions concerning future land use, retaining existing successful policies, and developing new policies to achieve the goals of Loudoun County’s New Comprehensive Plan.

The community input from both the Round I Listening and Learning Workshops and the Round 2 Envision the Future Workshops will continue to be an essential source of information to help guide the development and completion of Loudoun County’s New Comprehensive Plan.

Download the summary report and learn more about the results from Round II.

Envision the Future Summary Report – No Appendix

Envision the Future Summary Report – Full Appendix

Want to know what people were saying about the Silver Line Extension, find your comment from the June 5 meeting, or just check out some of the map comments? You now have access to the full database of input from Round II.

In the sections below you’ll find three tools:

  1. The Conversation Topic Database,
  2. The Composite Map Gallery, and
  3. The full comment set from the Vision, Goals and Objectives activity.

Each of these sections includes specific instructions on how to query and explore the input.

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1. Conversation Topic Database

Participants in the Envision the Future workshops elected to sit at tables according to six specific topic areas. These topics were chosen in order to address major themes in the Comprehensive Plan and to organize the input around specific issues. Each table received a unique map, but responded to the same two prompts. Discussions centered on hopes and concerns if development or redevelopment is to occur in the area of review. In the tables containing all the feedback collected for each of the six conversation topics. To query the table, try one of these three approaches

Finding a key word

Look for a specific word or phrase…

  1. Click inside the table
  2. Hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard
  3. Browse the results

Filtering by column(s)

Filter the comments by a major or minor category or multiple categories

  1. Click the Down arrow at the top of a column you’d like to sort
  2. Click the “Filter” option
  3. Click “Select All” to remove the current selections
  4. Turn on the Options you would like to view
  5. Apply one or multiple other filters to sort

Downloading the full spreadsheet

You can also download each of the spreadsheets by clicking the icon located at the bottom right of the table.


During each workshop session and through the online tool, participants were encouraged to add a yellow sticky dot to a large table map if their comment or idea references a specific place or geography. Please find a composite map of all these comments below.

Vision, Goals and Objectives