Join others who care about the future of Loudoun and provide insight on enhancing our quality of life, making great place, improving economics, and bringing our community together.

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Envision the Future Workshop Registration
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What will happen at the Workshops?

1 – You’ll hear about what’s going on with Envision Loudoun, what was learned in the round 1: Listening & Learning Workshops, and what the Planning Team discovered through its Foundations Report.

2 – Most important, you’ll help the Planning Team understand the county’s best opportunities to make our community an even better place to live, work, play and raise a family. In small groups you’ll discuss the vision for the plan and then evaluate objectives for one of the county’s potential growth areas. Your input will be used to focus the rest of the Envision Loudoun effort.

Why should you participate?

In Loudoun, change happens fast.

Loudoun County was the 5th fastest growing county in the country over the last 15 years. The new Comprehensive Plan will help to ensure growth occurs at a pace and in a pattern that is fiscally sustainable for the county. It will set clear development expectations to maintain our county’s high quality of life and fiscal security.

This is a unique opportunity.

Envision Loudoun is a unique opportunity to build a comprehensive plan for the future. Through Envision you’ll have the opportunity to shape the goals and objectives that will drive our land use and transportation decisions toward the next planning horizon.

Share your experiences, help us build the community of the future.

Your input is the driving force of the Comprehensive Plan. Your voice, values and perspective will help the team develop a plan you can confidently stand behind and champion through implementation. The Planning Team will also come back to the community frequently to see if we heard you correctly.

There’s a lot to learn, but there’s even more you have to share!

The Planning Team will present key information about the New Comprehensive Planning process, and attendees will work with each other in small groups; developing a vision for Loudoun through map exercises and a roundtable discussion of the assets and opportunities facing the County.

Your input will serve as the foundation.

Your input is a driving force of the New Comprehensive Plan. The County is expecting to receive thousands of comments and ideas throughout the process. Your voice, values, experiences and perspective will help the team develop a plan you can confidently stand behind and champion through implementation.

Great communities don’t just happen.

You chose this community for a reason. Loudoun County is a great place to live, work and raise a family. This process is intended to gather your input as to what creates the high quality of life residents expect of Loudoun and provides guidance on how to retain that quality of life for future generations.