Envision Loudoun Online Engagement Tool is Now Available

By December 15, 2016News

The development of a community vision for Loudoun County’s new comprehensive plan, initiated at the Envision Loudoun Listening & Learning Workshops, continues online.

Interactive comment and mapping exercises available at www.EnvisionLoudoun.org mirror those completed by more than 900 people who attended the series of workshops held throughout the county in November and December. Anyone who was unable to attend one of the workshops is encouraged to participate in the online exercises, which can be completed in just a few minutes. The online responses will be compiled and recorded along with the comments already collected at the Listening and Learning Workshops.

This particular online engagement tool for Envision Loudoun is scheduled to be available through early January and is designed to help the Envision Loudoun team engage with as many residents, business owners and other stakeholders as possible.

“Loudoun County is committed to an open and inclusive process for Envision Loudoun. We want to hear everyone’s voice and views on the future of the county and our online, interactive tools are an important part of this project,” said Planning and Zoning Department Director Ricky Barker.

Envision Loudoun addresses growth, land use, transportation, community facilities and amenities, economic development, and fiscal management. More information is available at www.EnvisionLoudoun.org or by sending an email to envisionloudoun@loudoun.gov.


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