Envision LOUDOUN will have a lasting impact on the Loudoun community, helping to promote a continued high quality of life in the county.

The process addresses growth, land use, transportation, community facilities and amenities, economic development, and fiscal management. You can participate by sharing your thoughts through a broad range of community engagement opportunities. Envision LOUDOUN will result in a New Comprehensive Plan that will serve as Loudoun County government’s guiding document for land use and development for the foreseeable future. The next meetings for Envision Loudoun will take place in early 2018.

To see a schedule of upcoming meetings or learn even more about the process, head over to the county’s webpage: www.loudoun.gov/envisionloudoun. 

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Anyone and everyone in our County is invited


Attend a community workshop or add your comments online. There will be three rounds of public input in total. Look for the final round in early 2018, but in the meantime share your ideas online.

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Tell your friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you know to get involved with #EnvisionLoudoun.

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